Rules for common rooms

Rules for commons rooms

Mainly in order to facilitate comfort in the shared rooms and the use of bathrooms:


  • Avoid unnecessary noise so as not to disturb the other occupants of the room.
  • Respect the rest hours of other occupants of the room and manage the sound of mobile phones, alarms, calls, etc. accordingly.
  • Telephone conversations are not allowed inside the room after 24:00.
  • Keep your personal belongings organised inside the individual locker or bunk space.
  • For safety reasons, all our guests are advised to keep their lockers locked at all times.
  • The Hostel’s management will not be responsible for any loss of personal property. The guests are advised to take care of their valuables such as mobile phones, laptops, watches, media players, etc.
  • It is not allowed to exchange rooms or spend the night in another room without the prior consent of the Hostel’s management.
  • Any kind of unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour of a roommate must be reported by any occupant of the same room to the Hostel’s management.


  • Plan and manage the use of the bathroom with the other occupants of the room.
  • Make sure to clean the shower and sink drain covers after showering.
  • If the floor gets wet upon stepping out of the shower, wipe it dry so that the next person can comfortably use it.
  • To avoid any inconvenience to other guests, the showers are allowed to be used until 24:00 only.

Use of the lounge and terrace

  • Guests are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas of the Hostel— such as the lounge and terrace—organised, clean and tidy, picking up all the used common utensils as well as maintaining decorum in the rooms they share.
  • No personal items should be left unattended.
  • Lounge and terrace times: 10:00 to 24:00 (uninterrupted hours)